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At Smith Chiropractic & Wellness Center, our team strives to help patients receive the professional treatment they need to find relief from pain. Far too often, people struggle with back, shoulder, neck or leg pain and do not seek professional treatment. Over time, the pain only gets worse without treatment and hinders your quality of life. Thus, our team offers non-surgical options that can bring relief and promote healing.

Whether a patient is in a car accident or simply bends their back the wrong way, we can offer the treatment the patient needs. More importantly, we can also help the patient keep up at-home techniques to manage the pain and provide relief. With our methods and experience, our patients will be able to return to a healthy and comfortable life after treatment.

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Our Team

Our team at Smith Chiropractic & Wellness Center strives to provide quality Chiropractic, Massage Therapy and Acupuncture care in a welcoming and professional setting. We understand that people can struggle with back pain and have no idea why, making it more difficult to find an effective remedy without professional help. Our team will take the time to locate the source of the pain and determine the most effective treatment for the patient. Under the direction of Dr. Tristan Smith, we will help educate the patient on proper exercises to continue at home and help ease the pain and promote recovery. With a large variety of ailments that people can suffer from, it is crucial to see professional treatment at our office as soon as possible.

Our Services

We provide a variety of services that can help remedy a patient’s pain when treatment solutions (e.g. medication) do not work. Our services include Chiropractic, Medical Massage & Acupuncture. We treat everything from neck & low back pain to plantar faciitis & carpal tunnel. For a complete list, please check out the commonly treatment conditions link. With non-surgical options, people do not need to rely on over-the-counter pain medications or surgery. We will attempt all other treatment options and only recommend surgery as a last resort when it is necessary.

Patient Information

During the initial examination, we will go over the patient's current condition and history with the injury. We need to know how long the injury has been causing pain and if the patient has sought and other therapies beforehand. This way, we can customize the treatment for the patient's needs. We will gladly triage with your current health provider whether that's a physical therapist, pain management doctor or surgeon. During the initial consultation, patients will be able to ask any and all questions about the treatment. We will recommend scheduling a follow-up appointments for patients after the initial treatment to ensure that everything is healing nicely. However, our ultimate goal is to keep you healthy which usually means ongoing care usually once a month.