Signs You Need a Herniated Disc Treatment

Posted on: June 16, 2018

Signs You Need a Herniated Disc Treatment

We offer a herniated disc treatment that is noninvasive and effective for helping patients to find relief after they begin to suffer pain. The best way to determine if this treatment is right for you is to visit our office. In the meantime, here are some of the signs that you may have a herniated disc.

Patients with a herniated disc often suffer from the following symptoms

1. Tingling in the arms and legs

Unexplained tingling sensations can be alarming, especially if they continue over a longer period of time. These tingling sensations can be the result of pressure on one or more of the nerves in the spine.

2. Numbness in the arms and legs

Like tingling, numbness can also result from pressure on the nerves.

3. Weakness in the muscles

Patients with a herniated disc often suffer from muscle weakness and find it difficult to do things like walk around, carry something mildly heavy, do household chores or pick up a child. The muscles that are usually affected are those in the arms and legs.

4. Pain

Patients who visit us for a herniated disc treatment typically do so because the pain reaches a level that they can no longer bear without medication. Pain may be in the back, but also in the arms and legs. 

Why a herniated disc can cause these symptoms

First, patients must understand that the spine consists of many vertebrae, rather than a solid bone. There are pillow-like discs between each vertebra in the spine. These discs prevent the bones from touching each other and also ensure that no undue pressure ends up on the nerves running through the spine.

If any of the jelly-like material in a disc were to leak out, pressure ends up on the nerves which could cause tingling, numbness, weakness and pain. Additionally, if the discs were to slip out-of-place or enough of the soft substance were to leak out, the vertebrae themselves could begin to touch each other, causing serious back pain.

How a herniated disc treatment can help

Since the symptoms are caused by pressure, it is necessary to first alleviate that pressure before doing anything else. This is possible using decompression and spinal adjustments. After reducing or alleviating the pressure, the symptoms of a pinched nerve will begin to diminish.

This is a noninvasive treatment with no notable side effects. Thus, it is safe for all adults, regardless of age or health. It is also a viable solution for anyone who is considering back surgery to improve their health. We always recommend patients trying this non-invasive option before going down that path.

Since surgery comes with a variety of side effects and risk factors, it is wise to exhaust all other options beforehand. Fortunately, in many cases, our patients no longer need surgery after they visit us for a herniated disc treatment.

Visit us for relief today

We invite anyone who is experiencing the symptoms of a herniated disc to visit us for this convenient treatment.