Nervous about scheduling online? It’s easy! Our office currently uses Jane for its online scheduling portal. If you click HERE or on the Jane logo, you’ll be taken to our individual site. Please note, we are continuously updating this portal to give you the best experience and ease when scheduling. With that being said, please read bios and techniques offered when considering which therapist to see. Every one of our Doctors and therapist will be slightly different with their approach. This is great for diversity and collaborative thinking, but can cause a little confusion if you are looking for a particular technique like cupping or hot stone therapy. If in doubt, please give us a call. Our front end is very familiar with each therapists’ abilities, pressure and technique in addition to being personally be treated by them.

Looking to schedule a massage a Chiropractic appointment back to back? Your best bet is to give us a call. We can see each therapists schedule more clearly than having to go through each one. Additionally, we have access to the full timeframe. When scheduling online, it will automatically prompt the next appointment. This is so the therapists don’t have gaps. Just remember to not overlap the two appointments and give at least 15 mins before or after.