Anything and Everything Health Insurance

If you can’t find it here, please give us a call to explain anything that might be confusing. We’ve dealt with insurance companies for years and could tell you many stories of how things can go wrong and have gone wrong. We know you are not the expert in how insurance works, which is why we do our best to explain benefits. However, at the end of the day YOU selected your insurance and should know what it does and doesn’t cover along with the responsibility of any payments that your insurance says are owed. Please ask questions and remember you can’t bug us enough. It’s when things aren’t asked that we run into confusion >_<

What is wrong with me… can you fix it… and how much is it going to cost / how long will it take?

This is the foundation of every visit and the common thing bouncing around a new patient’s head. Rest assured, the FIRST thing we want to fix is any doubt you have. During our intake and every visit after, we want to make sure you know what ailment you have or likely have. Sometimes there is that grey area because the condition is expansive or there’s multiple components. Getting close is what matters and testing / re-testing after treatments to make sure the diagnosis is correct. Remember, muscles act like muscles… tendons act like tendons… nerves act like nerves… and ligaments act like ligaments. One really good example for this is glute pain. Almost every time without fail patients will downplay this and think it’s just simple butt pain. The real question is, why would your butt hurt that much? If stretching and therapies are not solving it like it would for any other muscles… then maybe the ailment isn’t the muscle. Many times it’s the L4/L5 or L5/S1 disc radiating over. Coming from someone who knows that pain… Dr. Smith talking here lol… the glute and hip can become very tender when the nerves in the back are pinched. This is why skill and proficiency are VERY important in the profession. Wasting your time treating something that has no lasting effect is a waste of your time and money. Our philosophy when it comes to length of treatment is simple and I’ve said this many many times. “If something hurts, we should be checking in at least one or two times weekly. Sometimes three if it’s a major accident like an Auto injury. When the symptoms lesson and YOU feel like you can push it out a bit… then please do so. We love maintenance care which is why we recommend Chiro and/or Massage 1xmonthly. There’s nothing wrong with taking care of yourself. We are NOT one of those places that sign you up for ridiculous care plans that are really not care plans, but more like business plans for the Doctor.