For Real Solutions, Consider Alternative Medicine

Alternative medicine is ideal for anyone who is looking for solutions. By this, we mean people who are frustrated with a lack of results and with receiving the same answer every time they visit the doctor. These answers may sound like:

  • We need to run more tests
  • I’m not sure what is causing the symptoms
  • Let’s prescribe another medication
  • Are you sure the symptoms are that bad?
  • Have you considered a procedure or surgery?

Many of the patients who walk through our doors hear these comments one too many times and are tired of not getting the answers they need to genuinely improve their health. Fortunately, in our office, we help patients by identifying solutions that actually work to improve their health, comfort and state of well-being.


Our approach to medical care is known as alternative not because it is less effective but because it is a different approach than the typical methods. Our techniques and solutions are effective in producing natural results. They are still medicine.

Sometimes, it is wise to visit our office and have this be the only form of treatment, while in other cases, it is necessary to combine both approaches for an optimal health outcome. Therefore, we do not advocate eliminating the idea that traditional medicine can be beneficial. We only suggest that it is unhealthy to view it as the only type of healthcare.


Patients often ask us questions about the safety of alternative medicine since it is less common in traditional treatments. We welcome all types of questions, including this one. Our answer, however, tends to be rather surprising for many of our patients. Not only is our approach to medical care safe but it can also be safer than traditional medicine.

We do not only rely on pharmaceuticals for treatment. While pharmaceutical drugs do things to improve the lifespan of adults in the Western world, they are not always the right solution. In fact, pharmaceutical drugs may come with horrible side effects. All it takes is watching the news at night to hear advertisements for pharmaceutical drugs that come with a long laundry list of side effects; some of which can be deadly.

This is never a problem with natural medicine. Even if it is not as effective as it should be, there is little to no risk of a person developing another serious condition. In other words, our approach to medical care is safe and one that we recommend.


We work with patients to develop an individual treatment plan that is going to be based on their needs and desired health outcomes. We would be happy to do the same for you and encourage you to schedule an appointment with our office so that we can. This appointment will also give you the opportunity to ask questions about possible treatment plans and to learn more about our approach to healthcare.

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