This section is for products, stretches, exercises or other items that we frequently recommend to patients!

TENS / EMS (PowerDot 2.0)

While there are many of these products out there, not all are the same. Please keep in mind the wording when looking at the devices and what they do. Tens is for pain modulation only. EMS and IF are for decreasing inflammation. IF specifically, is more for chronic pain and picks up where TENS may not be powerful enough. The PowerDot 2.0 by Therabody is great all-around device that is also wireless!

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You might find similar products, but Theragun has been a leader for a while in percussion therapy. There are currently a few different models out. We recommend the Pro simply because the battery life last longer. Why get one? There are so many conditions this machine can help with. Maybe not fix completely, but it certainly helps with decreasing muscle tension. We HIGHLY recommend this product as an essential at home device.

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Ice Packs

There have been many conversations over what is better… heat of ice. We usually recommend heating in the morning and icing through the day. This is due to joints being stiff in the morning and needing to be loosened up. Throughout the day though, muscles and joints need to be cooled off. If able to, we highly recommend stretching throughout the day before icing too. This is due to making a permanent change and not just trying to calm the area down. Our office recommends the following ice pack, which can be used in conjunction with a back brace.

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Back Brace

Again, there are many products on the market for bracing the back. We recommend the following because it’s low profile and has the additional straps needed to properly support the back. You do not want one with only one strap. If you wear one and it feels supportive, continue to wear. If it doesn’t, then it’s probably not necessary. These supportive devices are simply for flair ups and never meant to be worn forever. If looking for a pregnancy brace, consider one just for your SIJ.

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