“There are many stereotypes attached to pot and those who use it. As a cardholder myself, I can assure you that medical marijuana has been refined as a prescription drug and has many many uses. I personally injured my low back and neck while taking a few spills when I was younger. These injuries led to some intense flair ups which warranted an MRI. A few discovered herniated disc later, I found myself focuses on these areas when receiving Chiropractic, Medical Massage or Acupuncture. The MRIs helped to identify to problems area, but the body aches were intense when flair ups occurred. Hence, MMJ helps my body to relax after a long day of using my body to adjust patients, but also stay relaxed throughout the day.”

-Dr. Smith

For those unfamiliar with the process or topic, MMJ has been approved by the state of PA for medical use. Most of the conditions are specific, but recent changes allowed for the inclusion of long term drug use, anxiety and pain. With the help of previous records such as doctors notes, X-rays & MRIs, it’s very simple to obtain your card.


Medical Cannabis in Pennsylvania


Step 1

Register for the Medical Marijuana Program at Register Here
Step 2

Obtain a physician’s certification that you suffer from one of the approved medical conditions. Our office currently uses Canna Care Docs for telemedicine. Obtain Certificate Here
Step 3

Complete registration by paying for a medical marijuana ID card. (Should arrive within 10-15 business days)
Step 4

Visit a dispensary in PA to obtain medical marijuana.

To break down these steps a bit more, here are a few nuggets of information our staff and patients have learned along the way.

The average cost to be cleared by a physician is roughly $150. There is an additional charge of $50 in step 3. Some clinics offer telemedicine while others will require you to be cleared in person. The average time on a telemedicine call is 5-10 minutes. This is the person who will report back to the government that they’ve cleared you for use. This is not the person though that will explain what the products do or which ones you should try. That’s in step 4.

Many of our patients want to avoid pain medication & surgery, which is a good point to make when talking to the physician. Another would be to explain the reason you have a long term ailments and all the things you’ve tried to fix it. MMJ is great for helping you sleep when your body just won’t let you because of the pain. Additionally, there are other uses including alertness besides the relaxation affects.

When visiting a dispensary, don’t be afraid to elaborate on previous uses or why you are seeking its uses. It’s the most judge free zone you’ll ever visit. Below is a well trusted dispensary and the different products they carry. Please keep in mind these few basic things though.

  1. There are many items to try depending on the use your looking for. Try starting with one that has more sativa, which helps you feel awake, and one with Indica, which helps you fall asleep.
  2. Depending on how fast you want the affects to start, determines which product will best fit your need. For example, if you have a tension headache, a vape pen might be the best option since it will get into your system the fastest. No one wants something like that to linger.
  3. Educate yourself on the variety of different selections. You might be surprised by some of the uses, but be careful when trying… some products can be very intense. For example, extracts can cause muscle relaxation to the point where it’s impossible to stay awake. These should only be taken when committing to falling asleep.


If you should have any additional questions or would to get ball started with obtain a card, please don’t hesitate to call our office. We encourage you to ask questions and seek our additional remedies such as MMJ.


Will I lose my gun license or permit to carry?

This is by far the most commonly asked question. The truth is not as easy to find as one would think though. We urge you to look this one up for yourself as there are many different opinions on the topic and straight facts then one would hope. Long story short, there are reports the PA does not turn over its approved MMJ users to the state, which means you don’t have to worry about giving up your guns.

Will my work allow me to use it?

If unsure, please be upfront with your HR department. Some jobs may consider the use too risky and have the right to terminate and urine test at random. Just make sure you stress the use is for helping one of the approved ailments.

Well I get High?

Yes, if you take enough. The high effect might be exactly what you need to fix the ailment though. Many refer to two main groups.. body and head high. The head high helps with anxiety and over thinking while the body is great for relaxation. The function throughout the day, it’s best to try less so the side effect or high feeling doesn’t impair your ability to perform a task.