Google Review

To all that have reviewed us, please accept my personal thank you. I started this business in 2017 and it’s been one rollercoaster of a ride. To hear people come in and say they were referred to Smith’s for treatment of the injury without a moment hesitation makes my day. As a thank you for writing a review and helping others to find us, we would like to provide a compliment t-shirt. Currently, we have 6 different styles to choose from!

Office Referrals

No office will thrive without word of mouth. If you’ve referred someone to our office, please allow us to send our thanks by providing a $25 gift card. Please note, we are not always told by the person that’s being referred who referred them. If you ever want to check to see if someone came in, it’s no problem for us to check.

Pre / Post Natal Specials

Pregnancy can be tough, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t simple remedies! Our Chiropractic & Medical Massage department specialize in taking care of all those joint and ligament pains that arise throughout pregnancy. We would like to further help by providing 15% off all our cash prices during those 9 months. In addition, those who are established patients can enjoy a complimentary 90 min massage after delivery!

Pediatric Specials

There’s an exhaustive amount of information to show why Chiropractic & Massage are great for kids. We simply do not see enough parents encouraging good posture, proper injury management or treating growing pains. That’s where we would like to step in and help. Kids 3-15 receive a complimentary adjustment with each paying adult. We kindly ask that a normal visit is scheduled if there is an ailment that needs more attention. One adj. per adult visit 🙂

Military, Veteran & Emergency Medical Services

We are proud to be fully owned by a veteran and have a former EMS worker as our office manager. Those who have served or currently employed in these fields do not have it easy. Please enjoy 10% off all goods and services. Any Military & First Responders.