Parents – Bring Your Children in for a Spinal Adjustment

Parents – bring your children to our office for a spinal adjustment if they are complaining of pain or are constantly getting sick. We treat a lot of families in our office and encourage parents to bring their children to appointments. We would be happy to examine and adjust them to ensure that their spinal health is as good as it can be.


Think of the spine as the superhighway for the body. If one vertebra is out of position it is like having a road shut down and needing to make a major detour. That detour is going to take time, cause frustration and perhaps a bit of mental anguish. Well, when a vertebra is out of position, the body also suffers because information and nutrients cannot flow as freely as they should. This is especially true if someone is suffering from a pinched nerve. Only to make matters worse, the spine being out of alignment can also cause pain and additional health problems.

Some of the negative health consequences of the spine being out of alignment are:

  • Tension headaches
  • Back pain
  • Abdominal problems and pain
  • Sinus infections
  • Legs not being the same length
  • Getting sick more frequently

These are all issues that no parent wants their child to suffer from. Unfortunately, most people are not aware that they can be caused by the spine being out of alignment. Because of that, few parents think to bring their children in for a spinal adjustment when they complain of something like abdominal problems. Fortunately, we are here and available to treat children and do so on a regular basis. Therefore, once parents are aware of our ability to help, it is important to begin scheduling those appointments.


Another reason we treat a lot of younger patients is that they suffer from a sports injury or simply experience discomfort after playing a game. A chiropractic treatment can help young athletes to stay mobile and in good shape to prevent an injury and limit discomfort.


It is important to point out that chiropractic care is a noninvasive approach to medical care. We believe that the body has the ability to function in a way that supports optimal health. Our job is to bring the body into alignment so that it can. We do this by completing a spinal adjustment, recommending physical therapy and treatments like decompression. All of these are noninvasive and therefore perfectly safe for children. Since we do not prescribe medication, parents do not need to worry about the potential for side effects.


We recommend calling our office any time a child complains of back pain, headaches or generally not feeling well. There is a good chance that by completing a spinal adjustment we can help them to feel better and to recover faster. Even if they also need to visit the family doctor for a prescription, chiropractic care can complement that treatment and make the recovery process faster. Call today for help and to experience the many benefits of chiropractic care.

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