Pregnant Women Can Ease Back Pain by Visiting a Chiropractor

Did you know that visiting a chiropractor is safe when pregnant? Many women suffer from terrible back pain during their pregnancy. It can truly be debilitating. Because the body is going through such significant changes, the pressure that is placed on the back is severe. Essentially, as the uterus continues to grow, the strain and pressure placed on the back and spine increase with it.

Many women even feel that their back pain is in the same spot as the height of their uterus. In other words, the pain moves upwards as the baby grows. This means that back pain is not temporary but can last the entire pregnancy, though the position of it may change. Fortunately, we can help.


One reason that many pregnant women prefer visiting a chiropractor to seeing a traditional doctor for pain management is that we do not use pharmaceuticals. This is incredibly important Since there are side effects of medications that can be harmful to the baby, we will help to find the treatment that works for both the mother and child.

Even some over-the-counter pain medications are supposed to be avoided while pregnant. This can make it very difficult for pregnant women to find pain relief, at least without being worried that they could be harming the baby. We do not prescribe or recommend taking prescription pain medication. Instead, we seek to solve what is causing the problems so that pain can go away naturally.


Pregnant women can benefit from visiting a chiropractor because our treatment methods are non-invasive. We do not cut open the body and perform surgery. We do not inject things into the body. There is literally nothing about what we do that is invasive in any way.

This makes it safe for pregnant women and also ensures that there are no concerns over how our treatment could influence the health of the baby. Also, non-invasive back pain treatments do not involve a recovery process. Our patients can leave the office and get back to their busy schedules without delay.


As a chiropractor who treats pregnant women, we are careful to ensure that our treatments are as gentle as possible. We understand that when pregnant, the body can be sensitive to treatments and because of that, we take great care to ensure the patient’s comfort.

If you are a pregnant woman who is frustrated with the severity of the back pain you are experiencing, we encourage you to schedule an appointment with our office. It is possible to find relief and to become far more comfortable during your pregnancy.

We recommend visiting our office as soon as you experience back pain. With our help, you can have a pregnancy that is not ruled by back pain and discomfort. This will make it easier for you to focus on your own health and the health of your new baby.

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