Welcome To SCW Medical

At SCW Medical, our team strives for all the things that makes us great with the addition of items only available through our medical department. We split the business in two in order to comply with state laws and regulations with prescriptions. It works out great though as we are able to brand and focus on these separate services in a way we couldn’t if under one. Think of SCW Medical as the bridge between holistic and surgical with a little bit something extra thrown in there. Don’t get us wrong… this is not your typical primary care facility. We offer many items including peptide therapy and at home injection packages to boost natural healing and address micronutrient deficiencies. We don’t stop there though. Please feel free to explore the growing list of services we are offering!

We Welcome New Patients

Filling out our separate new patient paperwork is easy and gives us insight into many of the items you might be lacking that can only be handled by our medical department. Whether its hormone balancing or sports recovery, we have you covered!