Trigger Point Injections Joint Injections Anti-Inflammatory Injections PRP Injections

Our Medical Massage Therapy department utilizes the following additional therapies to assist with the above categories:

TB4 Frag Peptide

“In my own words, pain management is not the management of pain… nor is supposed to be long term. It’s a specialty that has its name that stuck but its style of medicine is many of the times the bridge between holistic care and surgery. For example, if a patient comes in with a hot low back, an immediate goal is to decrease inflammation. This can be accomplished with a Toradol injection which is non-steroidal. Additionally, trigger point injections can be made to local spastic muscles. Unless there are some symptoms that warrant an immediate MRI, the inflammation and muscle spasms will abate, and a reassessment of the injury can be made. In the past, patients were referred to Physiatrists or Pain Management physicians to control their pain when surgery wasn’t an option. Today, it’s more of a second line of defense once holistic options have been tried. At least that’s our model and it works great!” -Dr Smith