• Mood Enhancing
• Helps w/ Depression & Pain
• Strengthens Bones
• Alleviates Muscles Aches
• Boosts Immune system

Weight Loss!!! Low levels of Vitamin D can lead to decreased levels of hormones such as testosterone which in turn can lead to weight gain.

According to lead researcher Todd Doyle, Ph.D., vitamin D supplementation “is a promising treatment for both pain and depression.”

As the research into vitamin D is accumulating, it’s hard to know where the accolades should start. “Activated vitamin D is one of the most potent inhibitors of cancer cell growth,” says Michael F. Holick, PhD, MD, who heads the Vitamin D, Skin, and Bone Research Laboratory at Boston University School of Medicine. “It also stimulates your pancreas to make insulin. It regulates your immune system.”

Vitamin D3 or D4 is recommended for all patient types especially if blood levels are below 30. Significant research shows that most Americans fall below this level. Our office supplies a one month’s supply (4 to 6 tablets) which can be used once per week.

An initial in person session is required before telemedicine can be utilized. At the partitioner’s discretion, lab work might be ordered to form baseline of vitamin D levels. One month’s supply will be prescribed during the first session. A 3 week follow up will be recommended to discuss labs ordered and how you’re feeling. You’ll have the option at this point re-up and have up to a two month’s supply ordered before and future visits are needed.

Office Visit + $100 for a one month’s supply.

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