Canagliflozin is a high-affinity SGLT2 inhibitor. It lowers blood glucose levels by inhibiting SGLT2 uptake in glucose. This decrease in blood glucose levels was found to decrease HbA1c levels by approximately 0.9%. A reduction of HbA1c levels can reduce coronary risk as well. Canagliflozin’s weight loss effects are due to the increased energy expenditure via glucosuria. Weight loss with SGLT2i is associated with decrease in total body fat, waist circumference, index of central obesity, and visceral adiposity.

An initial in person session is required before telemedicine can be utilized. A one month’s supply will be prescribed during the first session. A three week follow up will be recommended to discuss labs ordered and how you’re feeling. You’ll have the option at this point re-up and have up to a two month’s supply ordered before and future visits are needed.

Office Visit + $175 for a one month’s supply.

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