MOTS-C is known to regulate metabolic functions throughout the body, including turning glucose into usable energy. The DNA in the cell nucleus encodes most peptides. But… the mitochondria’s DNA encodes MOTS-C making it unique among peptides. Research by the University of Southern California found this peptide helps fight weight gain and normalize metabolism – similar to effects mostly linked with exercise. In mouse studies, the peptide aided glucose metabolism, even when the mice ate a high-fat diet. These initial studies could indicate improved blood sugar control for those with obesity and type 2 diabetes.

• Promotes Metabolic Flexibility & Homeostasis
• Helps Regulate Mitochondrial Energy
• Protects Against Age & Diet Dependent Insulin Resistance & Obesity
• Helps with Weight Loss
• Promotes Resistance to Metabolic Stress
• Improves Exercise Capacity
• Helps Prevent Osteoporosis
• Improves Glucose Regulation
• Promote Fatty Acid Metabolism in The Liver

An initial in person session is required before telemedicine can be utilized. A one month’s supply will be prescribed during the first session. A three week follow up will be recommended to discuss labs ordered and how you’re feeling. You’ll have the option at this point re-up and have up to a two month’s supply ordered before and future visits are needed.

Office Visit + $400 for a one month’s supply.

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