We Specialize In:

Volume Lash Extension

We offer a variety of lash extensions ranging in length, curl, thickness and even color. Our office uses a hypo-allergenic glue from Novalash and lash extension from LLBA. Unlike some other brands, these lashes allow you to immediately go into water!


Our office offers both hard and soft waxing with hard waxing being less compromising to the skin. Hard wax only adheres to the hair itself as opposed to soft wax which adheres to the skin too. With hard wax, the hair must be at least ¾ of an inch long so it can properly adhere. It’s recommended that you have at least 2 weeks of growth before waxing can be performed.


A facial is one of the best ways to take care of your skin. Along with a daily routine using a variety of our products from Lira, your skin tone and texture will greatly improve! Chemical peels can also be used for certain conditions such as acne, but also for softer skin.

Micro Needling/ Collagen Induction Therapy

Micro needling is a cosmetic procedure, which involves the pricking of the skin with tiny, sterilized needles. The small wounds cause your body to make more collagen and elastin, which in turn heals your skin and helps you look younger. It can help with conditions such as acne, dark spots, hair loss, wrinkles and more! Our office uses Rejuvapen, which is the only FDA cleared Micro Needling device.

Spray Tanning

Spray tanning is a form of self-tanning (or sunless tanning) where a fine mist is sprayed onto your body. This mist has an ingredient in it called Dihydroxyacetone (DHA) that interacts with your own skin’s chemistry to turn it tan, or bronze. This temporary effect generally lasts from 3-7 days and is completely safe for your skin.

What Is A Medical Spa?

Medical Spas have become more popular in recent years for men and women alike. Medical spas, also called medi-spas or med spas, are a kind of a hybrid between the traditional day spa and a medical clinic. Medical spas strive to blend the best of two worlds—a relaxing spa experience with the procedures and expertise typically only found at a doctor’s office.

Wondering if a medical spa is the right place for you to get your treatments done? Here are answers to some common questions about medical spas.

How Medical Spas Differ From Traditional Day Spas?

The biggest differences between a traditional day spa and a medical spa are the types of procedures that are offered. Medical procedures that can’t be done at the average day spa can be performed at the medical spa. Unlike day spas, medical spas must be affiliated with, overseen, or run by a medical doctor. While not every procedure is done by a doctor, they are performed under the supervision of the doctor, most often a dermatologist or plastic surgeon.

Medical spas themselves can vary widely, depending on where you go. Some are as posh as the day spa you visited during your last vacation; others are decidedly more clinical. While day spas focus on relaxation, most medical spas are driven by results.

What Treatments Are Offered?

Our certified estheticians have a wealth of knowledge and will be able to answer many questions regarding skin care. In general, you can expect to find treatments for acne, aging skin, hair removal, and more. Our office uses the Circadia line for facial treatments and retail items for home use. Our services are constantly expanding, please see the links above for the options we currently offer at our clinics.