H-Wave is a multi-functional electrical stimulation device intended to speed recovery, restore function, and manage chronic, acute or post-operative pain. It is a non-invasive drug-free alternative treatment option without harmful side effects. This unique technology stands apart from other electrotherapy modalities such as TENS, which only masks pain while the device is on, and traditional muscle stimulators; which use harsh signals and fatiguing muscle contractions to re-educate muscle. Whereas H-Wave is a rehabilitative device that focuses on addressing the root cause of symptoms and providing lasting, cumulative benefits; which patients can feel long after the device is taken off. H-Wave is used to help relieve pain and help speed the recovery process by increasing blood circulation and lymphatic drainage, improving range of motion, relaxing muscle spasms, and preventing disuse atrophy.

Today, H-Wave works with thousands of physicians across the country, has active agreements with the two largest national out-patient therapy companies in the United States, and is a drug-free modality of choice for the some of the most elite workers in the country. Players from over 50 professional athletic teams use H-Wave on their injured players.


H-Wave offers a unique set of benefits which are unparalleled in physical rehabilitation as it has been shown to be effective modality for treating:

  • Chronic Pain
  • Acute Pain
  • Post-operative Pain
  • Soft Tissue Injury/Inflammation
  • Muscle Spasm
  • Decreased Range of Motion
  • Muscle Atrophy
  • Compromised Circulation

Additionally, workers compensation claims have approved the rental and purchase of this machine for home use as the benefits outweigh the cost of surgery.