Rapid Release is a device that uses high-speed vibration to break up muscle tension and eliminate scar tissue. The high-speed vibration induces the “Tonic Vibration Reflux” (TVR) that uncouples the guarding reflex of agonist & antagonist muscles. The TVR reflux can be evoked by placing a vibrator, in this case RR, on a muscle’s tendon. This Hz vibration activates receptors of the skin, tendons and most importantly, muscle spindles. Muscle spindle discharges are sent to the spinal cord through afferent nerve fiber, where they activate monosynaptic and polysynaptic reflex arcs.


Many of our patients suffer from pain, restricted range of motion, and/or numbness due to underlying causes. One of the most common causes is the buildup of scar tissue and trigger points, which is the main use for this tool.

Scar tissue, in short, does not have the same flexibility and elasticity as healthy muscle. Since it doesn’t lengthen like normal muscle, areas with scar tissue may have limited range of motion and an altered joint axis of rotation.

Trigger points or muscle “knots” are sensitive spots in soft tissue, and too many of them can cause “myofascial pain syndrome.” They are usually described as micro-cramps, due to the non-voluntary contracture of the muscle. These sore spots are as common as pimples, and can grow like weeds around injuries if left untreated. This is due to the recruiting process of other muscles that are injured. In turn though, however, the recruiting muscles form their own trigger points. Please see the tab tabled trigger points tissue to learn more!