TMJ is the shortened name for temporomandibular joint disorders. It describes a group of disorders in which the connecting point between the jaw and the skull becomes painful and swollen. The cause of the disorder can vary widely. It can also lead to Headaches and of course jaw pain. If you find yourself waking up in the morning with a stiff jaw or pain around the jaw that radiates into the ear, it is likely you have TMJD. If your jaw also makes a clicking sound when you open and close your mouth, you definitely have TMJD. Please consider our treatments before you’ve been prescribed a bite guard by a Dentist as this condition may be easily treated!


Our Rapid Release tool can easily help us rule out tight muscles and the cause of the pain. Additionally, there are home therapy techniques that our doctors will recommend. If your jaw is determined to grind at night, a bite guard is going to help the most. The neck can also be the cause of the misaligned jaw. If the neck is in spasm, these muscles pull both or sometimes one side of the jaw causes. It is very important the neck is ruled out for the source of this ailment. In some cases, a Chiropractic adjustment to the jaw itself can be performed.