Visit a Headache Chiropractor if You Want Long-Term Results

There is no reason to live with terrible headaches when it is possible to treat them by visiting a headache chiropractor. We realize that a lot of people view headaches as a minor problem that usually goes away in a few hours. However, many people will struggle with headaches that last several days or return on a regular basis.

This ideology is detrimental to a person’s overall health. In many cases, it is possible to treat headaches and complete normal daily activities without issue. Since the spine is the superhighway of the body, it connects everything together. Thus, our spinal treatment can help to relieve pain in other areas of the body.


When determining who to speak with about headaches, we encourage patients to visit our clinic. While a traditional doctor may prescribe pain medication to help with headaches, the pain medication will only supply a temporary relief for the patient. As a headache chiropractor, we focus on the treatment of the spine to help provide pain relief for the patent.

Since a misalignment can be the source of the headaches, by completing a spinal adjustment, we can typically move the spine back into alignment and reduce a person’s headaches. Some patients literally say that their headaches are reduced as soon as the appointment is over. These types of results are fantastic, especially since no medication is required to achieve them.


Tension headaches are typically caused by the spine being out of alignment and the muscles in the front of the neck pulling forward. These tension headaches can be truly debilitating and difficult to live with. Often, they are also accompanied by, shoulder and back pain. Fortunately, these are all things that we treat in our clinic.

In addition to treating the actual headaches, we help patients recover from their back, shoulder and neck pain as well. This comprehensive approach is important since eliminating headaches while leaving pain in other areas of the body is not going to provide our patients with the comprehensive relief they need.


As a headache chiropractor, we often treat patients who are suffering from headaches because of their working conditions. This is especially true for office workers who sit at the computer all day. All the sitting can place some strain on the musculoskeletal system, lead to headaches and require both treatment and adjustments to how a person sits at work.

If headaches are a result of a stressful workplace, it could be considered a workplace injury and workers compensation could pay for the chiropractic treatments. This is something we can discuss in further detail during an appointment.


This is the time to get help and to eliminate headaches once and for all. There is no need to spend 2018 taking medication due to headache problems. Instead, get the care necessary to prevent headaches in the first place by calling our office today.

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