Intravenous vitamin therapy is designed to directly deliver intensive supplies of nutrients to the body. The nutrient concentrations made possible by the IV route tend to be difficult to achieve through the conventional oral or intramuscular routes.
Like most clinics, our vitamin therapy offers different kinds of vitamin mixes to clients depending on their need (e.g. energy, better fat-burning ability, hangovers, jet lag or immune boosting). The vitamins themselves are housed in a saline solution, which is at a similar concentration level to the blood’s own salt levels.

The Myers Cocktail is the best-known vitamin mix used in vitamin therapy. It is a blend of calcium, magnesium, the B complex, and vitamin C. The Myers Cocktail has been found in studies to help improve quality of life for people struggling with asthma, chronic fatigue, allergies, depression, anxiety, and migraines. Other mixes are believed to help with insomnia, stress, the common cold, respiratory infections, sinusitis, heart disease, fibromyalgia, and even better skin, nails, and hair.


The list of benefits available to those who use IV vitamin therapy can sound impressive. When used properly, it can be fast and efficient considering that the nutrients do not need to make their way past the digestive system to get to the bloodstream.
If you already take pills for other health conditions, getting IV vitamin therapy can be a way to reduce your pill load, as well. Still unsure? We are constantly working to refine our approach. A simply micronutrient test, which is something we provide, can easily identify the need for this therapy!


If you make up your mind and feel that this type of therapy is something that you should look more deeply into, it is important to be aware of conditions in which it may be a bad idea. Vitamin therapy tends to be ill-advised when you are pregnant, or when you have diabetes or high blood pressure that is not under control. We absolutely need to evaluate you to determine if the treatment method is a good match.