At Smith Chiropractic & Wellness Center, our team strives to help you receive the professional treatment you’ve been looking for. Far too often, society struggles with back, shoulder, neck or leg pain and do not seek professional treatment. Over time, this pain only gets worse without proper treatment and leads to a decreased quality of life. Thus, our team offers non-surgical options that can bring relief and promote healing. Whether you’ve been in a car accident or simply bent your neck the wrong way, we have something that will help get rid of the pain. More importantly, we go beyond to help you achieve a sustained level improved health by providing maintenance routines, home stretches & more!

What Makes Us Different?

Have you ever been to a Chiropractic office before? That’s usually one of the first questions I prompt when talking with new patients. What I’ve found is an overwhelming number of patients have easy to fix musculoskeletal ailments that take an average of 3-4 visits to completely resolve. There are many avenues to dive into when talking about even one specific area (e.g. low back). Whether it’s sciatica, a bulging disc, tendonitis or joint inflammation, we have something that will work. Please check out all the services and commonly treated conditions we see by clicking on the explore tab.

  • Short & effective treatment plans
  • Insurance accepted
  • More than 20 different physicians and growing to draw from!
  • Busiest & highest google rated Chiropractic practice is Berks county after only 3 years since opening!

What to stay away from!

If there’s one thing that gets me fired up is hearing stories from patients about failed Chiropractic experiences or other medical nonsense that has caused an unnecessary extended period of discomfort. To give some pointers, please stay away from the following scenarios that exist in my field and the medical field in general.

  • A Chiropractor should never automatically prompt an x-ray on the first visit and or ask for a large amount of funds up front.

“Hopefully this shady business model makes its way out of society. Sadly, there are professional Chiropractic seminars and speakers who stress the importance of essentially scarring the patient into thinking they have something only the Chiropractor can fix.. and then asking for sometimes $2,500 up front before ever touching that patient. Not only will going through insurance be the better route 99% of the time... which voids any need to pay that much cash... but the average care plan is less the $400 even without insurance. The Chiropractors who have this model know they have your money and will force you to come back 3x a week even the ailment resolves itself.

  • Start with the basics! Don’t assume the doctor or physician knows best just because of a fancy title.

“One of my favorite scenarios to treat is a patient who has been through the medical ringer for years without getting any answers or relief. This person usually has a list of doctors they’ve seen and plenty of lab tests or advanced imaging. Keep in mind, an x-ray only sees bone and an MRI will not see muscle inflammation nor completely explain your pain unless it’s obvious. Most of the ailments we see are simply inflamed joints and muscles, but that doesn’t mean anti-inflammatory will fix it. We have unique techniques and tools we use to break up trigger points and other musculoskeletal ailments. If it feels looser after the visit, this a very good sign that it was not anything complicated, but rather too simple which is why it was missed. This patient fell into the medical trap that had them thinking into was something serious when all along it was just a fixated joint or inflamed muscle that just didn’t go away. You might think the doctor knows best, but keep in mind their mindset is to use the tools they have and also make a living out of it. The last thing on most of their minds would be to refer all musculoskeletal ailments to a massage therapist or Chiropractor first before trying prescription drugs.

  • Don’t settle for less!

“Not all holistic medical offices are equal, which is why are business has expanded very rapidly. Simply put, we provide more. Ask our patients... the ones who have been to multiple Chiropractic offices will tell you that they prefer us. Why? Besides from the relaxing and professional atmosphere, we carry the latest in medical equipment and strive to keep A performing physicians and support staff. In the past, a typical Chiropractic office visit might take 2 mins. This is because they are just giving you the basic joint adjustment. We think that’s criminal as you we see far quicker improvement with the addition of therapies and insurance covers it! We can assure you that the average time your one on one with the doctor at our office is well beyond what your use to.

The SCW Team


SCW Testimonials

Justtina Avatar
12/22/2020 - Google

One of the best, most reasonably priced Chiropractic & Massage Institutes I have ever been too. The front staff is always a pleasure to work with and do their best to get me scheduled within my crazy time frames without making me feel like a burden.I have seen a few different chiropractors and masseuses and have been to both their Sinking Springs & Muhlenberg locations. Both are clean, relaxing, & welcoming. Each masseuse has their own technique and I tend to rotate through them all due to scheduling issues on my side(busy work and home schedule). They have all made me feel completely comfortable and welcomed. Definitely a kind, caring and judgment-free zone at Smith Chiropractic and Wellness Center.

Elisabeth Kenna Avatar
Elisabeth Kenna
12/22/2020 - Google

Very nice staff! I left feeling better than when I walked in, and will be back soon. Love how many different therapies are offered!

Diane Sutherly Avatar
Diane Sutherly
12/13/2020 - Google

The massage a chiro treatments are great. I highly recommend Smith Chiropractic and wellness center.

Jen Gephart Avatar
Jen Gephart
11/27/2020 - Google

A few of my Facebook friends recommended Smith chiropractic and wellness center for my husband who is having back issues. We called for an appointment and got in the same day! Everyone was so friendly and helpful from the minute we walked in the door. As we were checking out, I made a massage appointment for my teenage daughter who is sore from cheer, tumbling and riding horses, and my second experience was just as great as the first one! My daughter felt so comfortable there. We are already booked for a third visit! I highly recommend if you’re looking for a good chiropractor or a deep tissue massage.

Jessica Castner Avatar
Jessica Castner
11/27/2020 - Google

I see Dr. Super - she’s absolutely amazing. I started care here being pregnant and I have been so happy with each appointment. If you need a relaxing and kind atmosphere I highly recommend coming here! Also the massage therapist are absolutely phenomenal.

Melissa Wells Avatar
Melissa Wells
10/27/2020 - Google

Been going here to help with my chronic migraines. Has helped tremendously. Alyssa does wonders with relieving the knots and stress in my shoulders and neck. Highly recommend her and Smith for all your needs.

Mary Kramer Avatar
Mary Kramer
9/27/2020 - Google

I had my first adjustment this week by Dr Smith and I feel so much better already. I struggled with lower back pain my whole pregnancy and it got even worse after I had my baby. Dr Smith took the time to talk with me and show me different stretches to do to get some relief. It is so hard to find a medical professional who takes the time to thoroughly explain things, and I am so thankful I found this office. I cannot wait for my next appointment, as well as my massage. I am definitely going to recommend Smith Chiropractic to everyone that I can, including my pregnant friends. It is so neat they do maternal and baby sessions!

Teresa Runkle Avatar
Teresa Runkle
9/27/2020 - Google

Dr. Smith and staff are all wonderful - very friendly and personable. I feel like they have really taken the time to understand what's going on with my body, and I am feeling so much better! Highly recommend!

Lisa Shinn Avatar
Lisa Shinn
9/27/2020 - Google

Staff was patient, considerate and listened to my acute issue that brought me to them for help. The acupuncturist and masseuse were awesome. While I am still dealing with some intense pain, I feel that they are doing everything they can to help me. I look forward to continuing therapy with this staff.

Chelsey Shisher Avatar
Chelsey Shisher
8/27/2020 - Google

From walking in the reception area, to my appointment with the doctors, to my experience with the massage therapists, i want to rave about treatment and highly recommend this practice to anyone looking for quality treatment and a staff that genuinely cares for their patients.

Linda Zeimer Avatar
Linda Zeimer
8/27/2020 - Google

Very knowledgeable with each method of chiropractic and therapy. Leave every time pain free, or with less pain! Walking much better than I have in years! Thank you Dr Smith and Dr Super! Another great visit last week with Dr Tabetha Super. I walk straighter after each visit! 6/19/2020 update, aug 4. Saw Dr Super again, was in so much pain, left feeling better, even though a tropical storm was raging outside! thanks for kind words and helpful staff. you all make each visit unique. Dr Super is a lifesaver. on august 12, I had throbbing pain before an adjustment, and left feeling so much better. Massage therapy is my next course of treatment. update, Dr Super is doing an excellent job keeping my pain level down. thanks!

Stefanie Steffey Avatar
Stefanie Steffey
8/27/2020 - Google

Smith Chiropractic is amazing. I love their office and the Doctors and Massage Therapists are the greatest.

Sarah Willis Avatar
Sarah Willis
8/27/2020 - Google

Was taking ibuprofen for 3 weeks straight. 2 visits with Dr. Smith and I was back to normal. Never prompted me to come in 3x a week for 6 months which I'm very thankful for. Had a bad experience with a previous Chiropractic office in Exeter. Great atmosphere. Highly recommend everyone try this place out :)

Jesse Taveras Avatar
Jesse Taveras
7/27/2020 - Google

Love them!!!

Matt Jones Avatar
Matt Jones
7/27/2020 - Google

Love this place. Glad to see that their billing policy stood up to what the receptionist said my bill would be. I’m one of those individuals that didn’t know what the difference between a deductible and copay was lol. After seeing what insurance pays for Chiropractic services, it made more sense to go cash rate with having such a high deductible. Their office worked with me for the past bill, which I’m very thankful for :)

Pete Charter Avatar
Pete Charter
7/27/2020 - Google

Very friendly staff. Didn’t really realize how nervous I was for first adjustment until there. Dr Smith handled nervousness very well. Love the fish tank too. Very calming!